Designer Rhubarb Red Paisley Tie


Paisley – For the ones who don’t know , is a design , that was originated in India and later on developed in Britain . It is a unique Indian traditional handloom design that resembles a tear shape . A paisley necktie is symbolic of class, traditional Indian handloom and in a broader perspective , is very popular as one of the premium traditional Indian handcrafted accessory. The Designer Rhubarb Red Paisley Necktie is a one of a kind product embodying the aforementioned qualities which a paisley design brings . The Rhubarb Red colour is not too bright , yet demands significant attention and appreciation from onlookers . This is a perfectly versatile necktie as it can be worn in a number of formal as well as informal settings such as Weddings, Regular Office wear , Parties , College events , Business meetings and even Dinner Dates .

Top Features of the Designer Rhubarb Red Paisley Tie :

Design : The Paisley design has it’s own unique charm . When donned on the red surface , it gives a really elegant and sophisticated vibe .

Colour : Rhubarb Red – which gives a very unique sophisticated vibe .

Texture : The Designer Rhubarb Red Paisley Tie is a premium cotton necktie guaranteeing you considerable durability ..

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Additional information

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 51 × 5 × 0.75 in






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