Cloverfield Designer Foulard Tie


A Foulard is somewhat of a light fabric , which can be either plain woven or of twill , made from silk or sometimes even with a mixture of silk and cotton . They are small designs with a multitude of colours  which are very common in the textile industry , mainly in accessories like scarves or neckties . Foulard , as a pattern is more commonly recognized in men’s accessories like the neckties  than the material , and it is a simple colourful pattern with a basic block repeat .  The Cloverfield Designer Foulard Tie is one such example of premium craftsmanship and tailoring of the Foulard Pattern . This necktie has a multitude of colours in it’s pattern meaning that it opens up a wider option for you to wear this with a number of different coloured shirts and suits .

Top Features of the Cloverfield Designer Foulard Tie :

Design : The Cloverfield Designer Foulard Tie as the name suggests has a simple foulard design , or in simpler words , a basic repititive block pattern thus enabling it to be paired with a multitude of suit colours and designs .

Material : Silk Cotton Mix.

Occasion : This necktie, owing to it’s multicoloured foulard pattern , can go in both formal as well as semi formal settings like your regular office wear , business meetings , lunches or dinners , parties , social events and more .

Maintenance : Dry Wash . Alternatively you can also clean with a wet wipe or a soft wet cotton cloth .


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Weight 35 g
Dimensions 48 × 3.25 × 1.5 in






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