Black & Rose Floral Pocket Square


The Black & Rose Floral Pocket Square is a simple black satin pocket square with elegant red rose floral designs on them . Pocket Squares , though don’t serve any functional purpose in your wardrobe or attire , but they accentuate your suit blazer and can greatly elevate your formal look when you want to be completely dappered up . A well worn suit , with the right necktie and accessories , will still fall short of creating the look you want if it’s not paired up with the right pocket squares. Pocket squares are independent of neckties , which mean that you can put your pocket square and still make a formal appearance of your suit even without a necktie . The Floral design enables you to wear this pocket square proudly at parties , weddings , dates without worrying you might look like a corporate robot .

Design : Floral 

Material : Satin . The Satin glossy texture of this particular pocket square ensures that it is noticeable yet doesn’t seem too gaudy or flashy .



Additional information

Weight 08 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in






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