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Lapel pins , are like extremely elegant and extremely sophisticated items of jewelry for the classy gentleman.A lapel pin, although doesn’t serve any particular functional significance as attires go, but a well donned Lapel Pin can definitely accentuate the entire look and style of your suit or blazer and thus render a very glamorous vibe .The Feathery Finesse Lapel Pin is no stranger to this glamorous gamut of exquisite elegant paraphernalia among men’s accessories and be it a casual dinner date or a very formal black tie event or maybe even that office party where you may want to impress that beautiful colleague, donning the very elegant Feathery Finesse Lapel Pin, will surely earn you loads of appreciation , and may just do the trick for you !

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The Feathery Finesse Lapel Pin, is as good as they come as lapel pins go. The Feather shape gives this lapel a very well refined and an extremely sophisticated look and feel to it.Made of high quality oxidized metal and a very exquisite golden finish to it, this lapel pin can be put on a pedestal as far as quality is concerned , and because of this elegant golden finish , it can be well donned with a multitude of colors ranging from the quintessential black suit , to the charcoal grey , to the navy or even the bold burgundy or typical brown .Given that this lapel pin is built in the shape of a feather and has just a long standing pin to attach itself to any suit flannel , it can also be equally worn on a shirt as well .Owing to these multitude of benefits and versatility , the Feathery Finesse Lapel Pin can be easily considered as one of the best lapel pins online and is equally popular with both Men and Women, given the unisex ,yet powerfully refined nature of the feather .

Top Qualities : 

Color : A very refined golden finish gives this lapel pin a very classy and aristocratic look and feel to it .

Design : Designed as a feather , as the name goes , the Feathery Finesse lapel pin is truly an example of finesse and brilliant craftsmanship in it’s making .

Easy to Adorn : This lapel pin doesn’t have a hook or a latch, but a very easy pin and a holder at the end of it thus making it very easy to pin up without the fear of breaking it .

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Weight 25 g
Dimensions 2 × 0.75 × 0.25 in


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