Dark Water Rose Lapel Pin


Lapel Pins are one of the finest accessories  a man or a woman can have , but mostly men, since women have a lot more other options in jewelry . A lapel , is a symbol of class, grace and immaculate elegance when donned to perfection on a suit, blazer or maybe even a shirt , for that matter .The Dark Water Rose Lapel Pin , is certainly no different and no stranger to this refined perfection we’re talking about.

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The Dark Water Rose Lapel Pin , can be considered as a commonly worn lapel pin , owing to the satin head shaped as a rose , but most don’t understand , is that they are that common because they are that  elegant and manage to accentuate your otherwise dull formal or a semi formal attire to a whole new level of glamour . The Dark Water Rose Lapel Pin is a metal lapel with a glossy silver finish on the pin and it’s holder at the end and a fine satin black polka dotted cloth , shapely designed as that of an elegant rose at the head , thus giving this pin a very inconspicuous , yet a very classy, immaculate vibe which shows your knowledge of true luxury fashion .It can be donned on any lighter colored suits like a light grey or a beige or maybe even an olive green or light wine colored suit  for it to stand out and be noticeable .We recommend you to not wear it with lighter shades of blue or orange or yellow  given the black satin color of the rose , which won’t go well with the said colors .So , if you’re looking for a small, yet classy piece of luxury lapels to amp up your attire , we definitely recommend the Dark Water Rose Lapel Pin to be just the one for you .

Instructions :

1)  Avoid wearing this lapel with dark colored suits as it will blend in with their colors and won’t be much noticeable .Also do not wear with lighter shades of blue or orange or yellow as the black will totally contradict with these colors and you might not get your desired look.

2)  Do not rinse or wash extensively .Lapel Pins are very delicate items of accessories so a soft wet wipe or a wet cloth is recommended to clean .

3)  Do not leave it open.Always store the pin inside your wardrobe or a closed space for the fine satin to remain unblemished and glossy . 


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