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There’s no denying the fact that a moustache and a well groomed beard is the ultimate make up for a man. Apart from being a natural enhancer of one’s overall appearance , a well designed moustache is also the epitome of class and symbolic to the alpha image that any man always likes to carry .That’s where comes our magnificently elegant Classy Moustache Lapel Pin .This lapel , owing to it’s design and simplistic charm is the true epitome of the alpha accessory for men to enhance their appearance .Be it your office presentation , or that anticipated dinner date to impress your girl , or maybe even that much anticipated wedding , donning the Classy Moustache Lapel Pin on a well fitted formal will definitely work wonders for you .

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Top features of the Classy Moustache Lapel Pin : 

Design : This lapel pin is designed and shaped in the form of a handlebar moustache which gives it a very classy and an elegant appeal .

Color : The Classy Moustache Lapel Pin is black in color and has a reflective plastic coating .Since we all know that black is one of the most elegant of colors , this lapel is sure to turn a few heads.

Versatility : This lapel pin is has a black colored reflective plastic coated moustache design and a steel pin and holder below , thus making it versatile enough to go with an array of different colored suits , apart from the black and light shades of blue .

Easy to Pin : The Classy Moustache Lapel Pin has a long protruding pin with a separate holder, to attach the pin to the flannel of a blazer , the holder providing firmness and preventing the pin from falling off or dangling while walking .Also no hassles of a latch or hook .

Material : Fiber Plastic , Steel. 

Pocket Friendly : With it’s classy elegant design , this novelty lapel serves a dash of class to enhance your entire attire , and at this price , it is worth every penny spent on it .

It’s no hidden fact that a lapel pin is one of the most exquisite pieces of accessories a man can own as women also have other options in the form of jewelleries .As lapel pins normally go, being one of the best lapel pins online , the Classy Moustache Lapel Pin is truly an example of brilliantly efficient craftsmanship and donning this lapel on a well fitted , well planned out attire will surely earn you a lot of appreciation and make you stand out in that crowd of ordinarily dressed .

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 3 × 1.5 × 0.25 in



Fiber Plastic, Steel

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  1. bandokrish

    Very classy product!

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