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The connoisseurs of lyrical poetry are definitely aware of the works of Lord Byron .His beautiful flow of words ,the sense of complete control over the lines and spaces are what makes his poems ,’She Walks in Beauty’ one of the notably many, out of this world .The Byron Rose Lapel Pin, the name of which is taken as an inspiration from Lord Byron’s name because this lapel designed in the form of an elegantly sleek lapel pin with a blooming Red rose at the helm shows lucidity, class, elegance and grace in abundance .This lapel pin will go adequately with most suit colors and is versatile enough to be worn in multiple of occasions , be it the daily office wear to wearing it on a casual evening date to maybe even the much anticipated wedding accessory ,this lapel pin , if donned right , will take you places and earn you much appreciation and accolade, just like Lord Byron’s works.

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Top Features of the Byron Rose Lapel Pin :

Design : Designed elegantly sleek with the brown rose at the helm , this lapel subtly displays fluid class and grace in abundance .

Color : The Byron Rose Lapel Pin has a silver colored pin, and as the name suggests a vintage Wine Red colored rose which gives it a much vintage appeal and an old school charm.

Materials : Egyptian Satin, Oxidized Aluminium.

Versatility : This lapel, owing to it’s vintage Wine Red color of the rose and a simplistic elegant finish , can go with a multitude of suit and blazer colors ranging from Black ,Charcoal, Brown , Blue ,Navy to the lighter shades of Grey, Beige and White.

Easy To Adorn : The Byron Rose Lapel Pin has a long protruding pin attached to the rose , with a separate holder for the pin to provide firmness and prevent it from dangling or falling off .

Maintenance : Very easy to maintain, just brush the Satin rose with a soft cloth brush , and wipe the metal with a wet wipe or a nice clean moderately wet cloth .

We definitely don’t want to compare Lord Byron’s works with a lapel pin, but the Byron Rose Lapel Pin , sits at the zenith as far as lapel pins go and at this price , being one of the best lapel pins online , is a complete bargain !

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Weight 15 g
Dimensions 1.5 × 0.25 × 0.35 in



Egyptian Satin, Aluminium


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