Black & Pink Polka Bow Tie


A small pack with a token of class – Yes, that is what this elegant bow tie is all about.Be it that much anticipated wedding party , or the anxious night of meeting your girlfriend’s parents,this bow tie will serve you well.Own this beautiful bow tie and make a bold statement.This bow is a genius creation .Instead of spending vital seconds at the salon, use this bow tie to enhance your attire and appearance at the blink of an eye.

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Top Features of the Black & Pink Polka Bow Tie : 

100% Quality: Quality and Class are two faces of the same coin.Not just the classy appearance , the premium quality of the cloth ensures comfort and ease throughout the day.

Elegant Design : Pink Polka Dots of this bow tie complement the color black.The combination of polka dots and solid color is the secret to desirable fashion accessories for men.

Pocket Friendly : A spoon of class at such an amazing price makes you crave for more .Given the price , this bow tie is worth every penny spent .

There is a popular misconception that  bow tie is an old school accessory.While that maybe true in a way, but the simple fact is that class is always permanent and can never be replaced .This elegantly designed bow tie is a solid proof of that analogy.Be it some of the biggest names in the Oscar ceremony or some of the most successful entrepreneurs of the world , everyone relies on a bow tie for a classy impression .The biggest USP of this bow tie is the polka dot design.It seems like the polka dots are as if the S.I units of class and funk mixed together in design, and this classy bow tie is not an exception.It maintains the perfect balance between comfort and appearance and furthermore the color black goes well with every outfit.Our experts and designers suggest wearing this bow tie with a white shirt and a dark colored suit for maximum exposure .

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Weight 15 g
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 0.25 in



Polka Dot




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